Thursday, August 23, 2012

Women Menstruation Never Invited To Sex

Women who are menstruating should confine ourselves to do certain activities, one of them having sex. In addition to discomfort, risk of other more fatal is able to block blood flow to the heart.

Experts from the University Tarumanegara sexology, Dr. Andri Wanananda MS suggests that sex is performed when menstruating or coming months is completely clean. Not a speck of blood that came out indicating there are no gaps in the blood vessels in the lining of the uterus.

"This is to prevent the occurrence of air embolism are air bubbles enter the blood vessels and can clog blood vessels in vital organs, including the heart and lungs," said Dr. Andri in detikHealth health consultation, as written on Thursday ( 08.23.2012).

Air bubbles can get into the blood stream because of menstrual blood vessels that are open due meluruhnya uterine wall. This open space may enter the air bubbles, which are formed when there is penetration by the penis into the vagina.

When carried by the bloodstream, the bubble can lead to clogged arteries. The effects can be fatal if the blood vessels leading to important organs such as the heart and lungs, causes organ malfunction can lead to death.

In addition to the risk of deep vein thrombosis, other dangers that threaten when having sex during menstruation is as follows:

1. Endometriosis
During orgasm, the uterus will contract so dirty from menstrual blood can enter back into the stomach through the egg. This condition can cause endometriosis in a woman's body.

2. Infection
Sexual relations when the walls of the uterus will usually cause sores decays. Sperm and blood dirty unsterilized can enter the body and cause infection.

3. Injury or trauma to the cervix
Infections that occur from sexual intercourse during menstruation can trigger trauma to the cervix. One result is pain and heartburn, as well as white discharge greenish or brownish every day.

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