Saturday, August 25, 2012

Muscle Strength Train Foot with High Heels

Many women wonder how to walk wearing high heels like the professional models on the catwalk. Look beautiful and stay nyaman.Sepatu with high heel structure will also be meyulap you look more level, and beautiful posture.

Actually walked by wearing high-heeled shoes is not as complicated as you might think. The secret is practice, practice, and practice. But before that, it is important for you to have the proper foundation first.

The first step is to determine the right size of shoes that provide comfort when walking. Let's face it, as women more often you'll be tempted by a cute shoe models. Although it is not comfortable to wear. Convenience is the main thing. This is affecting the way you swing.

Besides latiham, another thing you should notice is the balance. Again, this jug adidapatkan from the right shoe size.

The heel should be resting comfortably on the inside of the shoe. So also with the thumb and little finger. If the shoes are not comfortable to wear because of the greatness or smallness, it will destroy the balance the way your street.

Train the foot to be familiar with heels, premises menggunaknannya exercise every day, for 15 to 30 minutes. Leg muscles will get used to and be strong.

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