Saturday, August 25, 2012

7 Practical Ways to Shrink Facial Pore

The texture of the facial skin will look very smooth when smaller pores. In fact you will look younger. Advantage, you also do not need to use makeup to look beautiful again.In fact, many of us are actually difficult to get smooth skin this. Various treatments to shrink pores became the most sought after treatments. Actually, you can also do the treatment yourself at home, to get results that are not inferior to the high-tech treatment in beauty clinics. This is how:
1. Collagen ProductsTo get a smooth pore, select beauty products that abortion serves to increase collagen in the skin. This material will help the skin become more elastic and flexible, so that the skin away from the stretch, leading to increased pore width.

2. Vitamin CVitamin C is absolutely necessary for small pores. Increasing collagen production will also increase as insufficient requirement of vitamin C for the body. You can add fruits as a source of vitamin C daily menu.
3. Banish dead skinWhen dead skin cells accumulate, you will get the pores appear larger. The face also looks dull. The best idea is, clean your face with soap that contains alpha hydroxy. This material is capable of removing dead skin cells properly.
4. Exempt sebumSebum and oil is also a serious matter that can spoil the look of the face. Choose care products that are designed to keep blood and reducing skin oil production. Also, do regular facials. Consult your doctor, how many deadlines needed to perform facials back.
5. SteamIf you do not have much time to go to the salon, do evaporation at home. These practical steps to remove the dirt clogging the pores, as well as relaxes the face. How: Use warm water mixed with lemon juice to make evaporation. Then rinse with clean water, and follow by applying an ice cube to the skin pores close again.
6. Take your makeupAny tired you are, do not ever miss the ritual cleaning of makeup before going to bed. It is actually very little to contribute to smoothing the skin.
7. Face masksYou can also create your own mask that works shrink pores. Try a combination of aloe vera gel, eggs, and warm water. Or tomato juice and calamine powder or sandalwood. Another herb, honey, sugar, warm water and lemon juice is great for exfoliating and getting rid of the oil.

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