Saturday, August 25, 2012

Edna Murphey, Women's "Anti-Odor Body" First

Ritual of what you normally do after a shower? Most would probably answer, use deodorant. Apparently this practice has been carried out since decades ago. After the discovery of anti-body odor formula.

His first two brands, Mum and Odorono, managed to force people to buy. The advertising is very aggressive, with a message that she will get a place of honor when her scented fragrance.

In an ad in a magazine page says, "Do not let your dress underarm odor contaminated", the concept of provocation was initiated by James Young, an employee of New York advertising agency, J Walter Thompson Company.

While appearing in the ad Odorono 1919, Ladies Home Journal. Reads: "Underarm women, a conversation that should be avoided".

Many feel insulted by this ad. Reaction, they stop subscribing. They considered confidential armpits and sweat do not deserve public discussion.

Juliann Silvulka, a historian of the 20th century said, "No one talks about sweat or other bodily functions in public." However, this contradiction has led many product sales surged by 112 percent in one year.

Looks like we deserved to thank Edna Murphey. The daughter of a surgeon who first coined this anti perspiran.

As quoted by the Daily Mail, awalnnya he only used it as a precaution so his hands do not sweat as helping the operation. Then he tried it on the armpits, and it worked. Around the year 1912, he founded the company that produces Odorono.

What is clear, deodorant products, is now used by many as an important weapon for the appearance. You too?

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