Thursday, August 23, 2012

Prevent Cancer, Remove Bra While Sleeping?

Many of us are still questioning the benefits of using a bra while sleeping. Bra was created to preserve the beauty of a woman's breasts. Some women claim, if using a bra while sleeping will interfere with comfort. Others still choose to use the perfect breast shape.

Research had revealed, if the use of underwear is actually potentially cause breast cancer. Dr Amber Gurt, Multidisciplinary Breast Cancer Surgery Fellowship at NYU Langone Medical Centre revealed that changes in breast shape is not affected by the use bra while sleeping. Deformity caused only by factors of pregnancy, breastfeeding and gravity.

The larger the breast size, the greater the need for the use of a bra. Similarly, during sleep. It's good, the women left the buffer berkawat bra while sleeping, and replace it with a soft bra.

More than this, the suitability of bra size becomes very important for breast health. Gurt is said, there is no reason that women choose a smaller cup size to create a more sexy.

A bra that is too tight will constrict circulation will contribute to lymphatic obstruction. You should also pay attention to other signs are emerging. Edema or fluid accumulation breast and lymph nodes in the armpit that can indicate early symptoms of cancer.

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