Saturday, August 25, 2012

Ritual-Free Acne Ala Africa

Have you ever heard of an alternative treatment to get rid of acne prone skin? The women in Africa use this method to maintain skin smoothness.

Although classified as a black color skin is more resistant to the dangers of the sun, not so with acne. They use ose dudu or black soap for skin problems.

This soap is the only fresh exfoliating. The formula only consists of a mixture of ash and oil. Plus other natural materials, such as plantain, shea butter, cocoa, palm tree leaves, coconut and olive oil.

Shea butter itself is a recipe passed down through generations. The material comes from the Karite tree which originated from Africa. Is moisturize, cleanse the skin, and as a sunscreen.

This black soap conjure their faces become more refined with tissue repair skin damaged by acne. This is because the content of vitamin A, B, antioxidants, and anti inflamasinya.

In addition to acne, they are also used for the treatment of scalp. Reduce excess oil production in the skin glands of the head, and eradicate dandruff.

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