Thursday, August 23, 2012

Pregnancy Due to Rape Opportunity Bigger Than Regular Sex

Rape is every woman's nightmare. Not only resulted in prolonged trauma, crime can also lead to unwanted pregnancies. Several studies have found that the chances of pregnancy due to rape larger than regular sex.

Melisa Holmes, content specialists in South Carolina, USA, led the study of pregnancy due to rape using data from the National Crime Victims Center. His research published in 1996 found that 5 percent of women of childbearing age rape victims become pregnant.

This opportunity is greater than the sex was consensual. A study in 2001 from Princeton University and the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences found that the chances of getting pregnant through sexual intercourse without a condom is used by 3.1 percent.

In the United States, rape resulting in pregnancy as many as 32,101 per year. In 2003, Jonathan Gottschall and Tiffani from St. Lawrence University found that the likelihood of pregnancy due to rape was higher.

From the results of a survey of 8,000 women across the country, as many as 6.4 percent of female rape victim of childbearing age to get pregnant. When the victim did not use birth control medication, the likelihood increased to 8 percent.

"The available data do not give any reason to think that pregnancy is due to rape or a little sparse compared to pregnancies resulting from sexual intercourse was consensual," said Jonathan Gotschall as reported by Popular Science, on Thursday (23/08/2012).

The reason why the risk of pregnancy due to rape allegedly due to higher rapists tend to target the young woman who was the peak age of fertility. In fact, most rapes occur in women under 25 years old and girls before puberty.

"Rapists do not select victims at random. Unwittingly, rapist targeting victims likely to be fertilized by the sperm and tend to target young women of high ability to reproduce," says Gordon Gallup, evolutionary psychologist at SUNY Albany who wrote the book 'The Oxford Handbook of Sexual Conflict in Humans'.

The men have the ability to 'read' the signs of fertility and pursue the most attractive women or infertile. Rapists target victims not only on the basis of age alone, but based on all the physical signals and behaviors that demonstrate the ability of the victim to be pregnant.

In fact, semen itself was found to contain a supporting reproductive success. Semen contains follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH) that triggers ovulation or egg release in women.

A study in 1973 found that 70 percent of pregnancies due to rape occurred outside the fertile period in women. Even a study in 1949 reported the presence of seven women who become pregnant due to rape, but is not menstruate for 2 years.

Gallup explains, a very risky semen cause pregnancy actually generated from intercourse or coitus interrupted interupptus, such as pulling the penis from the vagina before ejaculation during sex.

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