Monday, February 18, 2013

How to Eliminate Dark Skin Around Lips

NOT only are blackened lips. However, the surrounding skin was sometimes experience the same problem.

Yes, many factors can cause the skin around the mouth black. One is due to hormonal changes and the use of cosmetics. Of course, the look was very disturbing, especially for women.

Here's a tip fascinating to eliminate, as quoted Boldsky.


The fruit is known as the elixir is a natural bleach. Mix with honey and yogurt to get maximum results. Apply to the skin while a massage.

Wheat flour

Who says only flour for food only. Flour mixed with turmeric and milk proven to remove dark skin around the lips. This herb is proven to whiten the skin and remove dead skin cells. Do not forget to give a massage when rub.

Aloe vera

To get rid of the black around the mouth, you can use aloe vera. Content in able to remove dead skin cells.


Apply cucumber that has been mashed and mixed with lemon. Let stand a few minutes and wash with cold water. The result will be seen within a few days.

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