Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Drinking Coffee Latte Every Day Can Fat Fast

Drinking a cup of coffee in the morning or evening is refreshing. Kind of a variety can be enjoyed according to taste. But a new study suggests that drinking coffee latte every day can lead to weight gain.

Servings are usually equipped with a coffee latte latte art. Unique scratch peemukaan milk foam on top. In the form of images of leaves, flowers up to her face. This coffee concoction made ​​by mixing water black coffee with fresh milk and sugar.

For fans of coffee latte should limit their consumption from now on. If taken daily routine may gain up to 5 pounds in a year. The study, involving 2000 adult respondents in the UK were investigated by a team from the Register Of Exercise Professionals.

Fitness trainers Register Of Exercise Professionals, also said that the taste is sweet with a little milk turns calories four times greater than regular coffee. "The fat in milk in coffee latte gives good taste, but if you can not burn fat in the body be buried," added Jean Marnoch of REPS.

In a cup of latte coffee contains about 153 kcal calories. While on a black coffee with a little skim milk contains only 35 calories. This comparison is quite high due to the type of milk used.

REPS also added that many people are aware of tenatang health by avoiding junk food, but they do not realize how much fat and sugar which is taken by beverage you drink coffee every day.

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