Wednesday, August 22, 2012

5 Things So Triggers Fight In New Bride

Romanticism is always visible on newly married couples often make people jealous. But in reality life is not as beautiful as in a fairy tale. Instead, the new couple often face fights in the early days of marriage.

As quoted from the Bold Sky, a newly married couple often quarreled because it has not been able to adapt to his new environment and status. There are things commonly debated by the new partner.

1. Vice
During courtship many couples who do not know completely about the personality of the candidate companion of his life. Thus, small problems like the wrong side of the bed, or not wiping feet after the bathroom can lead to quarrels. You should be aware that the bad habits that has lasted a long time can not be eliminated just like that.

2. Cost
Marriage is no small cost. You and your partner need to save for that happy day. Then you are 'forced' to have a home, invest or save for other expenses. All this pressure sometimes reaches the point where you and your partner no longer agree.

3. Each parent
The interference of parents who feel they have the right to set their children is one of the causes that can lead to marital quarrels. Determine where the parents are visited every weekend in advance can also cause jealousy-a party.

4. Work Pressure
Not that after marriage, work pressure is reduced. Maybe your partner does not understand this, and the more fatal it will ask you to find another job because you do not have a job was a promising future or other reasons.

5. Distribution of Household Tasks
After the marriage, all the usual household tasks done himself the task of both. If the work is not shared tumah average household will usually dispute. Do not let the dishes or sweep to trigger fights and your husband.

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