Thursday, August 23, 2012

Lip Tricks section with 3D effect

Sexy lips look a dream of many women. Some were even willing to spend some money to make beautiful lips forming operations.

Actually it is not necessary. You just work around this by bantual makeup equipment. Only three of these products. Lip liner, lipstick and lip gloss. Listen stride!

- Lipstick in bright colors make lips look most clever more volume, so start by applying lip liner soft-pink color. Draw a line starting from the outside of the lips, the shape of the lips.

- The key to the success of this technique is a mixture of lip liner and lipstick. Blend lip liner up to half of the lip. Next, apply a lipstick that has shades of the same color with your lip liner. Apply evenly on all parts of the lips, but be careful not to use excessive.

- The final step, apply a light colored lip gloss. Flatten in the middle to the lower lip. Do not forget, also apply along the cupid's bow or upper lip line. The effect is maximal. Especially when exposed lips sparkle.

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